Fire Extinguishers

A portable extinguisher is the critical first line of defense in the event of fire. But the wrong equipment can be harmful or deadly. Our technicians are ready to help you choose the appropriate extinguishers for your situation.

We offer options for every application, including Class A, B, C, D and K fire extinguishers as well as Halon 1211 clean agent, Halotron 1 clean agent, wet chemical K class types, water mist C class types, carbon dioxide (CO2), water and foam stored pressure, and high-performance dry chemical types for fighting fires occurring in areas of Low, Moderate, and High Hazard Classification.

Inspection & Maintenance

To keep your extinguishers in top working order, Fire Services Plus Inc. offers inspection, testing and maintenance programs in accordance with all required industry standards, state and local regulations.

Local and state laws require that extinguishers be inspected monthly and yearly, with a full recharge required every six years.

Monthly: inspections of all fire extinguishers are required. While many customers choose to do their own in-house inspections, we can perform monthly inspections for you upon request or provide training for your in house safety personnel.

Yearly: inspections by certified technicians are also required. We perform these required yearly tests and inspections at your site or ours.

Six-year: inspections require qualified technicians to discharge, internally inspect, and recharge extinguishers. Service verification rings and test labels are installed to verify this required service.

Hydro Testing: Fire Services Plus is a DOT certified hydrotest facility. Trained FSP technicians hydrotest your extinguishers at intervals required by DOT and NFPA standards.

Our goal is to ensure that your extinguishers work the first time, every time.

Call us today to discuss your fire extinguisher needs.