A sprinkler system is the most critical part of your defense in the event of a fire. Make sure yours is in top operating condition with regular inspections.

Our certified technicians inspect, test, repair, and modify wet dry pre-action systems, anti-freeze loops, deluge systems, and standpipe systems. We provide quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections – meeting the requirements of insurance providers as well as state and local codes.

Inspection & MaintenanceSprinklerControls

Local and state laws require that sprinkler systems be inspected quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly. To keep your sprinkler system in top working order, Fire Services Plus Inc. offers inspection, testing and maintenance programs in accordance with industry standards, state and local code requirements.

Our licensed and certified technicians are trained to identify defective and recalled sprinkler heads and system deficiencies. We work with you to keep your systems in top working order, compliant and effective.

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